How I Got There From Here

Lecture, $400 

In this lecture, I tell my quilting journey, from the first quilt I remember seeing to becoming a quilting instructor/fiber artist.  I also discuss my inspirations for quilt designs and how quilting has changed my life.


  • I use actual quilts as well as a PowerPoint presentation.  I will bring my laptop but will need a projector to connect to my laptop as well as a screen.
  • Volunteers to hold quilts and walk them around (some of my quilts are quite small and are best seen up close) as well as a table to place the quilts is needed.
  • A microphone, if the room is large.



Insert Fabric Here

All levels, $600 for full day (6 hours)

This workshop is a great beginning step to free-form cutting! Squares of fabric are cut and strips of fabric are added to make unique blocks which will, in turn, make a one-of-a-kind quilt.  This is a speedy way to make abstract blocks.  The latter part of the class will involve composition and lay-out of the quilt tops.



Urban Houses

Intermediate, $600 for full day (6 hours)

Once you are comfortable randomly cutting your fabric (gasp), let’s kick things up a notch!  You will learn how to add slivers of fabric, pieced inserts and curved inserts to your improvisationally pieced blocks.  Now things are really getting interesting!



Going in Circles

Advanced, $600 for full day (6 hours)

This class will show you how to do a very unique technique of curved piecing.  Developed by your instructor, Marge Tucker, this is a more advanced class but continues the methods and ideas taught in her previous workshops.  This workshop could also be a stand-alone.

These curved blocks give added movement and motion and work well with the blocks/creations made in the previous class(es) or with other abstract blocks.

Students will learn free-form curved cutting and curved piecing techniques.